Fashion Doll Friday: Christie in Fashion Avenue


Today’s Friday Girl is one of my African American dolls and I am not sure which one she is. I believe that she has the Christie face issued in 1988 as her head is marked Mattel 1987. She is one of the earlier dolls that I bought and came from a market or from Ebay without her original outfit. I may have replaced the earrings too. I can’t remember as I would have bought her about twenty years ago. She has 1980s big hair and the bent arms on the TNT body. Her identifying feature is probably her eyes which have green with the brown irises. I have looked at several photos of Christie from that era but cannot quite pin her down. This head mold was also used for AA Barbies during that era I believe.

Her outfit I can tell you about. It is Fashion Avenue from the Australian designers issue of 1999. This one is from Jonathon Ward. It originally had a pink tiara which I think broke and a matching bag which I had up until about an hour ago when I picked her off the shelf and it fell down and disappeared into that limbo land that always seems to claim small doll accessories. I’ll look for it later before I vacuum that room.



  1. Lovely gal as usual and her gown is supreme, (so much so I could see it easily on ms. supreme herself Diana Ross). Your girl is a mystery, I admit to having mostly books that cover before or after that time period. Thirty years of Mattel fashion dolls by J.Michael Augustyniak, and his Barbie doll exclusives 1996 cover that timeframe but are clearly stuff manufactured in U.S. not UK. Also there are mostly her as Barbie or Ashia or other names beside Christie.I did see afew images on a search for Christie or African American Barbie but very few were labled so no real good clues yet.


    • Same here my books are similar vintage to yours. I spent a lot of time on Kattis dolls one of the best for head sculpts and that convinced me that she was not Asha or Shani. I just have not seen a Christie/AA Barbie with those exact eyes yet.


  2. she was similar to the totally hair AA but the hair is much longer tempted to buy her to go with totally hair ken but after adding afew twillights no room! and I will get a Candi next week to steal the read sheath from Barbie.If I redo wall space with shoe organizers with clear fronts I can pair same date dolls together.Loving the Liv articulated horse, the face is sweet if kind of cartoony but I can get two dolls on it, and the Liv boy Jake is more proportunate /smaller sits on it with other brand dolls quite well.


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