Fun with Fashion Queen Barbie

At the Hobart Doll Show I bought three doll wigs. They are not proper Fashion Queen wigs I think they are probably meant to be glued on to porcelain doll heads but I thought that I would use them to see how my Fashion Queen would look with “real” hair. I could only sit them on top of her head but you get the idea. To complement her hairstyles I redressed her in some of my vintage and repro Barbie clothing.

Business Barbie

Here she is as a redhead. In this wig she reminds me a bit of the cartoon character Daria although Daria would never dress this well.

“Daria” Barbie.

Next let’s see her as a blonde.

Lady in Red

“Marilyn” Barbie

Finally, as a brunette

Bedtime Barbie

Bedtime Barbie

Now I’m sure you’d like to see the full outfits so here they are. Naomi has some proper Fashion Queen wigs somewhere so when she finds them perhaps we’ll do this again.




  1. She rocks them all! (truth be told those look better than the ones that came with my gal). She looks so nice in the vintage as well. Think I have mine in vintage homemade in coral and crème and rust. Would love some turquoise or teal to set off her eyes..You really scored a great purchase!

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  2. Sadly there are still no decent wigs for guys to give them a new look. It would be fun to jazz them up a bit.


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