You Learn Something New Every Day

This morning I was checking Facebook doll sites and a seller had a Barbie clone which he could not identify. Well I can never resist looking them up and he had said that he could see the letters A, M and possibly C. It sounded like the Camay doll mark but Camay made Sindy clones right?

Right, but further googling revealed that Camay also made Barbie clone dolls a fact I had not previously been aware of.

This link which I will be adding to our clone page also has some nice photos of clone fashions although the pictures of the dolls are rather small.

Barbie clone

I am still amazed and amused at how closely many of these clone dolls resemble the originals. Amazed at the quality of some and amused by the blatant copying of packaging, posing and outfits of others.




  1. exactly! it makes it hard to pick who did/made what, when..and theres almost a thrill when I realize my cheap g.i. joe was a clone! but hard to label with the Barbie look a-likes! or their boyfriends, still sorting it out!

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