Fashion Fever Revisited; Mel and Diana do Fashion Fever – Hilary Duff Blue/Pink Themed Closet

Mel and Diana

Going over old fashion doll photographs I found that there were some dolls who I either had not photographed lately or did not like the pictures any more. Over the past few years I’ve progressed from scanning a few favourite photos to using a cheap digital camera through to a couple of better point and shoots before finally getting my DSLR last year. It is time for a cull of some of those bad old photos but first I need to take better ones to replace them.

Most of you will remember my series on Fashion Fever Closets. The Hilary Duff blue one was one of the first ones I did and I pulled it together from existing pictures of various dolls in the fashions. Over the weekend I decided to photograph the closet again using just two models, Mel who appeared in the first post and Diana. To refresh your memories here is the closet. It is a favourite one of mine for mix and match.

The full closet

The Models:

Mel: Fashion Fever Kayla Wave V

Diana:Island Princess 2007 (The box doesn’t say Lea but she is a Lea/Kayla)

The Fashions:

While I was setting up the shoot I looked to see if all the pieces in the closet were there. The white boots which are not pictured in the illustration were there but there should also be a pair of high heel sandals that look like they might be navy blue or black. I don’t have these with the set.

Diana is first wearing the cropped denim jeans with the spotted shirt. These pants fit Diana fine although she has the “Hobbit” body. Mel who is the original Fashion Fever body type could not get them on although this may be because I was trying to get them on over the bikini bottoms she was already wearing. Apart from the boots I did not take any shoes outside. Barbie shoes in the garden are a bad idea. Anyway they were at the beach.

Diana wearing the spotted top.

Diana changes to the white shorts and boots and carries the matching bag. In the third picture she wears the silvery grey top with the cropped jeans.

Here is Diana again in the spotted top with the white shorts, boots and bag.
Diana wears the three quarter pants with the grey top.

Here’s Mel. I always liked Mel in this particular combination which I have photographed her in before. I think Mel looks particularly good in shorts.

Mel in denim shorts and pink and white top.

Stripes and Spots are the theme of this closet. Here Mel wears another pink and white striped top with a vertical striped skirt.

Mel in a wide striped T Shirt and a blue and white striped shirt.

Finally Mel ends the show in the bikini.

Mel in the bikini

The original post.

If you look at the original post you will see that I did it three years ago but some of the photos are much older going back ten years. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I got them but ten years ago the last of the Fashion Fever closets were being released. I really miss that era of Barbie.



  1. I enjoyed seeing this closet again, and would be happy to see them all again with a fresh eye and new photography. The two dolls bring to mind either all American California girls or Nordic beauties. Mel is one of my favorites too. Another pair of blond sisters? Each successive release of Barbie fashions makes me nostalgic for the prior one lol I’ve grown fond of some of the Complete Look packs. Do you have any of the Style dolls from 2013? I acquired several as I grew to admire their articulation and fashions.


    • I don’t have any of the 2013 Style Barbies, I don’t think they were in the shops here and I wasn’t sure from looking online whether I wanted one or not. In comparison to what is being made now they look a lot better. The clothing I did like but it’s not always economical for me to buy it from Amazon because of shipping costs and not a lot of it makes it’s way to Hobart.


      • When I first starting collecting last year, I thought some of the Style dolls were garish. They also came in waves and were still on Amazon but have since become scarce. I got the Raquelle in the shorts and gold jacket and the Barbie in the green cargo pants. Raquelle was a new friend from Life in the Dreamhouse. This one with rooted eyelashes is lovely and my favorite.

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  2. Love the poca-dot stripes theme..I like the Lea face too I have a curly redhead that I call Victoria because she is prettier than the Twillight Victoria.I believe the Twillight Jane is a blond version, Your Brittany from your 24 Sept 2014 blog/photo shoot has me intreagued.I ‘ll look for her in other past blogs ,what does it say (date) on her head? Is she around 2007 like Mel?


  3. Awesome, I’ll look for her.Just ordered the Teresa from the Beyond Pink trio.The two others were a lot. I decided they’d make a good warm up band for the Rockers with their neon colors. So this week is triple T’s, Teresa, Troy, and Trent.(Gene’s mentor/boyfriend?) hoping he fits my wine bottle sweater as he’s no where close to being able to wear Kens stuff.(And my knitting skills /dismal), crochet somewhat better but only ragdoll hair colors in my stash.Because you were showing Hillary stuff I pulled her out, good thing as she had a dirty face. I,need to bag her before storing in a steamer trunk I think, my boxed dolls seem to stay clean enough for ready display. I will be putting a hooded sweater/jumper on her for fall/holidays. Looking forward to more tips on clean-up,etc..

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  4. serious? do you un head a doll if it’s not salvageable and re-head or throw out the lot? Had an anna from frozen , her head wouldn’t come clean, someone used sharpie pen, so dyed her head blue and call her smurf girl ,till I can find an other head. Seem to find more of those loose than bodies.I am also going to try using rit dye cleaner,see what it does as this head is a duplicate.


  5. At one time I did have a box of Barbies to use for practicing boil perms or replacing heads but I really don’t have the room and the op shops here don’t really sell old dolls cheap enough to make it worth buying them. At the one I work in we’d probably sell a Barbie for a dollar or two but many sell them for $4-5. I guess becasue of our smaller population we don’t get the volume of stuff being donated to have boxes of heads or bodies or damaged dolls. I might replace a head or a body on a damaged doll to save it if I can but I’ll leave the body paint to someone else. Luckily Ashley came up fine so I didn’t have to make that decision.


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