Four Years Ago This Week

Sometimes I like to reread my old posts to remind myself of what subjects I’ve covered and what might be due for another look. This evening I found this old post written in September 2013 when I had only been blogging about three months. I decided to tidy it up and link it here as many of you probably were not reading this blog back in 2013. Hope you enjoy it this time around.

A Rainy Afternoon in the Doll Room

Doll marked DeeGee Canada



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  1. Been looking forward to this! I may well try a boil perm in future, but not yet. when I saw Annie’s two tone hair it reminded me of something I’d seen before. Some dolls had been displayed in a glass front case near a natural light source and the hair and clothing faded. I told my mom not to display any vinyl dolls near the window as our living room was quite bright for the better part of the day.I didn’t think the hair would fade much but more likely break down like a doll I bought second hand, that was stored in a clear bin and the hair fell out in clumps.I have seen two tone hair on doll heads in cosmetology class when it was given a chemical perm or color.I would not attempt that on a doll unless it came with the doll. I’ve done some dyes on fabric but only with the dye remover on hand, just in case.I will study your links to see what they suggest.The Dolly Day spa is a brilliant way to pamper some much neglected/in storage favorites.As well as figure how to create more space to display them!

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