Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie Look City Shine Wave 1 – 2015

It’s like getting a new doll when you de-box one that you have had packed away for ages. Today’s Friday Girl is one of The Barbie Look City Shine collection from 2015. These dolls were given a theme of metallic tones and this one is probably the most subtle of the first wave. As Mattel don’t seem to have bothered to name them  I’ll refer to her by her new name, Margaret, in future.

Margaret has the Model Muse body but thankfully she only has one bent arm not the dreaded double bent arms, such a pain to redress those girls. Her face is the Aphrodite mold.  She has rooted eyelashes. The dress is rather interesting I think. It looks flimsy as it is black and silver woven material but it is lined with tan silky fabric which not only makes it stronger but also gives the impression that it is partly see through. It does up with three snaps at the back.

I like her earrings and her silver clutch which is hard plastic and looks a bit art deco to me. I quite like how this dress reflects the light but I’m looking forward to trying some other fashions on Margaret later.




  1. Lovely gal, great outfit! Love the eyelashes! yes the two bent arms on the 2014 city shine gal I have makes me less inclined to want to totally un-box her unless I add a wrap to her red/black outfit. I have a 2015 body but the left arm is bent and the hands aren’t as polished as Margaret’s, got it in a lot of headless bodies, and no knee bend. I tried it with an Olson spare head. The only other non zombie repaint (my daughter used pen instead of paint) was a 1991 blond with a hair cut/mop head. I know I’ve found de-headed bodies in the Barbie bin at the thrift shop, but not heads, where do all the heads go? Do you ever find doll parts at your op shop?


    • No we never see headless Barbies at the Op Shop. I think your stores must be a lot different to ours, bigger for one thing if they actually sell heads. We don’t recycle quite that well.


  2. What a sophisticated lady! She is dressed to kill for a night out on the town. Agree her outfit has many sculptural Art Deco elements. I got the blond City Shopper in the grey dress and boots and passed on this one. She looks lovely unboxed and I look forward to seeing her in your future posts.

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  3. I really like the facial features and makeup on this doll. I am disappointed in many of the newer dolls because the faces often look disproportionate or distorted and well, just too doll-like. Margaret’s eyes are gorgeous! I really enjoy this elegant line.

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