Fashion Fever Closets Revisited – Red, White and Black Themed Closet

The full closet

This closet was the first one that I ever posted about back in 2014. At that time I had just decided that it would be interesting to do a series about Fashion Fever but I had not fully formed a plan of how to do it. In those early posts I mainly used existing pictures I had and just photographed any pieces that I didn’t have photos of.   I thought that it was time to revisit this closet as apart from being the first post on Fashion Fever it is a favourite closet of mine. This time I took a whole new set of photos with different models.

The Models:

This group of models are part of what I call the Old School Chums set. They are all friends of Midge and Jan. Although she doesn’t appear in this post herself this shoot was coordinated by Jan. This time she had to make do with an indoor setting because it was too wet to go outside.

  • Midge – Aviator Barbie 2001
  • Sandy – Swappin’ Heads Fashionista Sweetie 2011
  • Mandy – Ballet Star Barbie 2006
  • Joanne – Denim Basics Barbie 11 2011

The Fashions:

I only had the red sandals in the bag with the clothes but discovered the shoes afterwards in my box of loose shoes so they are now back where they belong but don’t feature in this post. I still have the red handbag and the shopping bag. I also still have the coffee cup but could not be bothered trying to stick it to someone’s hand. Apart from Sandy who is wearing the shoes from the closet only two others have shoes today. Midge is wearing a pair from the loose shoes box and Mandy is wearing the ones from her previous outfit. Everyone knows that Model Muse girls have trouble with shoes from Fashion Fever Closets. This was a fun closet to photograph because you can do a lot of mixing and matching. These are just some of the combinations you can try with this set.

Sandy is first wearing a white denim skirt and matching top. The red jacket goes well with the trim on the skirt and top as do her red shoes and accessories. This top did slip down a bit on Sandy but we got through without a major wardrobe malfunction.

Joanne is next wearing the red cropped pants with two different tops. The white top looked a bit loose on her but not excessively and the cropped pants were a pretty good fit.

Mandy comes next wearing the denim dress. Dresses usually fit everyone so there was no trouble with this one. Mandy is a ballet Barbie but has the Fashion Fever body with articulated legs and ballet arms.

Mandy in the dress

Midge is wearing the jeans with the white cotton top which is a good fit on her and with the strapless top which is a bit snug but she fits into it. Midge featured in the original post I did for this closet.

Finally here is a link to the original post.



  1. Great closet, lovely gals ,liked Mandy’s denim/print dress ,Midge looks sweet in her outfit , I wonder how the white skirt would look with the lacy ruffle top far right? Loved it with the red cropped shorts..geat mix and match set!


  2. Hooray for featuring this versatile closet again. I like the looks on Midge and Joanne best. Midge continues to impress as a fashion model. I got this closet after seeing your first post and found it takes experimentation to see what works on each doll, the dress was too big for most of my dolls.


    • I often have trouble with the skirts being too loose for TNT or Model Muse bodies and sometimes the jeans will fit one doll and not another even amongst the FF bodies. Quite bizarre but rather like real life. You can imagine them cursing the manufacturers for not having set size standards.


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