Favourite Faces: Mackie

After several years of the Superstar face mold I was quite pleased when Mattel brought out a new face for Barbie. Not that I don’t like to see smiling faces but it’s nice to have a change and I rather liked her more pensive look. The sculpt was created in the 1990’s by designer Bob Mackie and was used for a lot of the play line dolls since that time.

I have quite a few Mackie face girls in my collection. Here are some of them.



  1. Fantastic collection! So much diversity within the same face mold. Can’t wait to see your Leas, which is one of my favorites. I smile with a closed mouth lol It’s fascinating what makes certain dolls appealing. I was in Target recently and got Fashionista Tropic Cutie #59. I found her irresistible because of her lovely face and unique afro. She is only the third Fashionista in my collection.


      • Looking forward to it 😉 Just remembered I have a few more fashionistas, including a token Ken. Mattel is offering quantity vs quality, and I must say, a few of the dolls are truly unique. So they are offering The Look, Made to Move, Fashionistas playline dolls. Let’s see how they continue to evolve in response to market place.


  2. Mackie one of my fave’s too. A couple of my Avon Barbies have her face ,and I think my Bella Cullen/Twillight is one too. One day I’ll get the Mackie Cher. Question, was any of your James Bond gals Mackies faces? I have an AA with an almost Mackie face except the lips are fuller, she has eyelashes, straight arms and legs and really big arched feet, making it harder to dress her and find her shoes. Plus her plastic is hard and heavy. Her marks say 2010.Wish my phone wasn’t dead, or I’d send a pic.Love these glamour gals. Dana Skully/x-files doll with her red hair looks Like Lucille Ball in her modeling days.


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