Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Ashley Olsen c2000-2005

Today’s Friday Girl is a visitor from the Op Shop. I’ll tell you her story in another post.
Ashley Olsen and her twin sister Mary-Kate played the character Michelle Tanner in the long running sit-com “Full House”. I remember seeing them as small children but lost track of them after that.
In 1999 Mattel released the first Olsen Twins dolls as a set. The first set had shorter hair. Subsequently they released several more editions to coincide with the release of the twins movies.The last ones were released in about 2005. I am not sure which one this Ashley is. There were also fashions and playsets and I do remember seeing the twins on sale when I first started to seriously collect dolls in the late nineties.

Ashley is wearing a hand knitted tube dress but would probably look good in Teen Skipper fashions too.




  1. Yes at one time these dolls were a very good likeness, and because we had two different sets we were able to share a set with my neice.They are lovely in a cute way. My daughter tired of them as the heads fell off with too much active play,and the shoes always got lost..etc..There was massive merchandising here in U.S. and I think they over saturated the play market. , it’s too bad Mattel didn’t do the more grown up fashions as the Olson twins brought high fashion to young people.I finally had to rebody ours as the heads wouldn’t stay on after the head knobs broke.


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