Dolls in Distress: Saving Ashley Olsen

At the Op Shop where I volunteer I’ve become known as “The Doll Lady” due to my hobby of fixing the roughed up dolls that are donated to the shop.

One day I was handed a doll that was really in a mess. I knew she was one of the Olsen twins dolls but was not sure which one. I had to look her up and found that she was an Ashley Olsen doll probably from around 2002 or later as her head was marked “Dual Ent. 2002”. I think she might be the “So Little Time” Ashley as she has the longer hair but it’s not easy to tell once they are undressed.

Ashley had suffered one of the worst cases of fashion doll abuse I’ve seen so far. She was filthy but worse than that half her face was covered in blue marker. I was doubtful about whether she could be saved but thought there was nothing to lose by trying.


After cleaning the worst of the dirt off her I slathered Oxy 10 on her face and also on her legs which had been marked and sat her on the window sill in my back porch which gets a lot of sun. This was on Wednesday. I peeked a couple of times and it looked as if the marks were fading a bit but as she was so bad and the weather was cloudy I decided to wait till Saturday before checking on her again.

On Saturday morning I cleaned the cream off with a damp microfibre cloth and apart from a small area which I had not quite covered properly the blue marks were gone! I re-applied cream on the remaining marks and put her back on the sill.

A couple of days later there was no sign of the ink. Ashley got a final clean and had her hair washed and conditioned. Now to find her something to wear. It looks as if she has the same body type as Teen Skipper.

As it happened all my Skipper clothes are packed away at present and Teen Skipper and Courtney declined to loan her their clothes for a photo shoot so Ashley is now wearing one of my hand-knit creations.

Ashley in home made dress.

I was very pleased with the result of her clean up. Take a look at the before and after.

Well now it is nearly time for Ashley to go back to the shop. I’m debating whether to buy her myself, get her a new outfit and some shoes and let her hang with Skipper, Courtney and the Generation Girls. But if I do that I’m probably going to have to look for Mary-Kate.



  1. Pretty little thing..think Ashley is the cuter of the two dolls.I have a re-bodied Mary Kate. (can still wear Skipper stuff) but I love your verigated yarn knit dress better.The arched feet of the Disney body I used will not fit the chunky shoes made for the twins flatter feet.They used to be rather common to the thrift shops, not so much lately. Seems the bend leg or articulated dols are seen less and less there, and cheaper versions meet their fate in the yard sales and second-hand stores.

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  2. Wow! It’s such a great transformation! I must try that – I buy Barbies from local OP shops sometimes and sew the dresses, but they are often drawn on. Although I can’t find Oxie 10 anywhere to buy yet..
    And Ashley is amazing…. I would have bought her face marks or not.


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