Rainy Sunday in the Doll Room

Another rainy Sunday but I was happy to spend it at home playing dolls. Naomi came over yesterday and brought a couple of her vintage dolls to be photographed. She suggested that as we will eventually be displaying our dolls together I might like to put her dolls out with mine for now. I have had the box of dolls here since we did the Vintage Visitor posts earlier in the year.

So this afternoon I rearranged the shelves to fit them in. There was not enough room for all of them but the Tressys, Tammy Family, Sindy Set and vintage Barbie collection are now merged.

Barbie and Friends in roughly Chronological order

The Sindy Set

The Tammy Family

The Tressys’

Our five Tressy dolls from Palitoy and American Character.


      • Hi I’m trying to get a tressy doll who’s hair grew but with pink hair it’s from when my mum was 7 so 1964-1965 please could u help me thank u kindly x


      • Hi Hailey. I don’t know where you live but eBay, Etsy and other sale sites would be your best bet. If you do social media like Facebook they often have doll sale groups too. I’ll have to see which Tressy has pink hair as I don’t recall one. I’ll get back to you later in the day.


  1. A nice collection. I have a special spot in my heart for the Tammy family. 🙂
    Have your Tammy’s relocated to a new house since they moved from their past home?


  2. Great assembledge ,such a range and some true rareities.Will they be photographed in like collections or all together groups in the same area? Also will Naomi be displaying her celebs ie; Kiss, etc..?


  3. That sounds so amazing! A virtual museum, maybe that is the trend of the future. You visit it on-line like those real estate sites you visit! There can even be auctions to create revenue, I’m sure some sellers/bloggers do that already but I have a mother-in -law that’s mostly at home these days and a father in-law in a care home. If they could visit museums on their computers (with our help) geared to their interest it would be awesome. As is I keep ordering them magazines geared to their interest and they get recycled to doctors offices and hair salons ,etc.These virtual trips are more fun.


  4. sounds like a plan. Was seeing if you had any Teresa’a w/the med. ashy blond hair. I have a used one w no bangs and curly hair ends and a side part on the left as well as a left arm is bent body says 91, head says 90. In an un tagged dress.I move her but haven’t found any pics yet to know how she should actually be dressed.Didn’t find he on Kattis dolls will keep looking.


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