Fashion Doll Friday: Francie, Barbie’s Modern Cousin

Today’s Friday Girl is Francie Fairchild. First released in 1966 as Barbie’s Modern Cousin Francie signaled the beginning of the Mod Era. Francie had a slightly smaller and less developed body than Barbie. She had a range of fashions of her own.

This Francie belongs to Naomi who was lucky enough to find her at a good price recently. I’m hoping to find one myself but will try to get a different one as many variations of Francie were made in the six years she was available.

Neither of us had any Francie fashions but luckily I had this dress made by Etsy seller Ellasdolls which looks very nice on her. Later on we will try to get some new outfits and shoes for Francie, Casey and Twiggy who all have flat feet and cannot wear Barbie shoes. Possibly Teen Skipper shoes would fit them.



  1. Ooohhh she is lovely, her amber eyes are very special and the dress fits perfectly. The print on the dress has a silhouette of a face at the bodice, what a great detail! Hope you can find some accessories for her and that we will see her again.

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  2. I have a reproduction Francie who can share some clothes with my Momoko dolls. There is another seller on Etsy who makes clothes for Francie, DebrasCloset, whose clothes I like and have ordered, but she is in the USA. I love EllasDolls as well! I just bought a batch of wonderful Barbie dresses from that shop. I wish there were more sellers making doll clothes here in the UK, but I end up buying a lot of things from the USA and Australia. I wish my fingers were more nimble, but I love shopping on Etsy. I like buying clothes for my dolls more than I like buying clothes for myself at this point in my life!

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    • My feelings exactly. I probably spend more on clothes for “the girls” than on my own but they get photographed a lot more than I do so they need them. There are some fabulous sellers on Etsy. I can’t afford all of them. Some are very expensive while others are not but postage is. Ellasdolls is a great shop. I actually wrote a piece about Sue, the lady behind the store a year or so ago.


  3. Love this doll and her doe eyes, she is almost elfish in her innocent teen look, and long eyelashes. She looks great in sweaters and separates, I think I’ve put her in Olson twins tennis shoes before , also cool blue Barbie circa 1998 w/ Mackie face & flat feet had tennis shoes/trainers too, I had the Skipper outfit and both fit Francie.

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  4. I just got an original Francie paper doll set from 1966. It had a lot of her original fashions in it. I’ll try to get this up once it arrives. It’s a very nice set so should look good in a post.

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