New Ken Dolls

Hi everyone. I just bought two new Kens so decided to take a quick photo and show how I redressed them. I think they look pretty flash. The hats didn’t fit them too well but they still look ok in them. I named the guys Seth and Max. They are ready to meet up with some of Vanda’s girls later.




    • The suit is from the Roger Sterling doll from the Mad Men set. We’ve had our eyes on it for a long time and it popped up at a reasonable although not cheap price around the same time that Naomi bought the guys.The older Ken fashions don’t fit them well as they are taller and slimmer. We’d rather spend the money on a few good quality items than a heap of things that don’t fit properly.

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  1. One suit if from a Mad Men doll. The black coat and suit I’ve had for ages. They were bought from someone on Ebay who used to sell clothes for action figures and Ken but I can’t remember for sure. Vanda could tell you more about the Mad Men outfit and what character it was off. I just liked the outfit.

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  2. Very debonair, great to see male dolls in fashionable attire. Barbies will be fighting over them lol The one on the left looks like actor Matt Bomer.

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  3. Look out for an invasion of guys once Vanda and I have moved house. I will be getting them all out and they will strut their stuff. Thanks to all for all the nice comments.


    • The Gianfranco Ken is a 2014 issue and they limited them to 3300. I did a search on Google and that was on one of the web sites. He is designed by Robert Best. I hope this helps. If anyone is interested there are some videos on You Tube about this doll.


  4. Hi Laurel. There is a lot of stuff on him on You Tube. I didn’t know he came as a blonde. I haven’t seen the blonde one as yet. I called him Seth. I wish they made more nice Kens like this one. There just are not enough nice looking ones and there are never any clothes for them anymore. Even Barbie hardly gets anything now.


  5. They look very stylish. Personally I prefer the rooted Kens over the plastic hair ones. The Ken clothes, if you are able to find them at all, are mostly beach bum outfits. Suits don’t seem to be an option for Mattel. Even if they were making some for the boys, it would probably be printed front and cheapo back. So sad.

    Lets be thankful for the great Ken fashions from the 60s, 70s, 80s and Fashion Avenue.

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    • Yes you are so right in what you say. I’m lucky that I built up a fairly extensive wardrobe for the boys. I have to say I got sick of the beach bum look some time ago. I started to wonder did Ken ever have a job at all since he spent som much time at the beach!


  6. If he was a decent surfer and competed he’d get endorsements, or of course with parents/older dolls he could have an over generous rich mom or rich patroness or girlfriend, and we know Barbie owns the world.

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