Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie The Look – Wave 1 2015

Today’s Friday Girl is another of my Barbie The Look City Shine girls. I am gradually de-boxing them all after holding out for a long time. Abigail, as I have named her, is a very striking blonde with real eyelashes. Wave 1 of this series of dolls had a metallic theme to their outfits. Abigail is silver, silver dress, shoes, earrings and bag.

Generally I tend to prefer dolls in street wear to evening gowns but I like this one. When I deboxed her I did think that her hair was a bit messy at the back. I haven’t yet but I will probably have to comb it out at some stage. It makes her look as if she slept in her dress. I don’t want to mess up the waves in it but she really doesn’t look so good at the back.

When I was trying to think of a name for her Abigail popped into my head. Maybe she has a passing resemblance to this Australian actress.



  1. Classic and au courant. Love her accessories, especially the earrings and sandles. The “cold shoulder” look and metallics are in again now. I surprised myself by purchasing a few fashion items in gold, silver and rose gold which I haven’t yet worn πŸ™‚

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  2. This is my favorite line! I just adore the shimmering metallics and the makeup is so glamorous. I would like to purchase a couple for my collection. Where do you recommend I look for them at reasonable prices?

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  3. Lovely gal, love the goddess dress with the high low hem and sandles. you might try a few pin curls with small metal clips, that can be one on dry or slightly misted hair to control how much or little you want to style. I bet she would also be stunning in a light bronze gown as mixed metals are high end right now.tres chic.

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  4. She does look rather like Abigail from Number 96. I hope she doesn’t fall in love with a gay guy or get knocked off by the panty hose strangler. Perhaps she better steer clear of Paddington and stick to Point Piper where she came from. Abigail played Bev Horton in Number 96 an iconic soapy very popular in the 1970’s.

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