This is my Carlisle doll from the Twilight movies. I always thought he was very good looking. I changed mine into Marty who loves to party. Here he is ready to go out on the town to have some fun. He is young, rich and deals in property. In our made up stories he dates Jan.

Marty all ready to party
Marty looks cool in a hat


  1. Brilliant revamp (no pun intended)! The outfit is awesome!. Maybe that’s what I should have done w/ mine , haven’t unboxed him yet but the box was part of my Twillight display and wasn’t thrilled with how he or Edward matched the Characters, though they are attractive enough dolls. Clearly Jaspers still my fave male and Emmet and Rosaland the best couple, (in the dolls). Would love to find Laurant. Have done several “replacements” for certain characters like Renesme. .I think the facemold for this doll is the same as my University guy. I love celebrity dolls and you’ve made this one a star!

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  2. Handsome πŸ™‚ I never thought of stepping outside the Barbie/Ken box for suitors, but you are right in choosing this one. A much more interesting, attractive look. Where do you find clothes for your male dolls? The hat is perfect!

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  3. I often feel so frustrated that there are hardly any nice outfits for Ken made by Mattel. I’ve had to look elsewhere. I frequent EBay, Etsy and other sites looking for sellers who make them themselves. Some of the clothes were made for action figures. I mix and match the guy’s outfits to suit my own tastes usually. Marty’s outfit is all mix and match. A seller made his nice waistcoat. Sadly sellers come and go and are hard to find. There is someone selling some really nice baseball jackets at the moment on EBay. They have other things too. They are in Asia some place. Another EBay seller has good suits for 1/6 figures that might fit Ken. I’ve had to ask Vanda to do alterations occasionally. I might see if she would like to do a blog on clothing later. I’ll have a chat with her about that next time I talk to her. Thanks for you comments. I hope to showcase a few more guys soon.


    • Can I see a pic of your doll if you have dressed him? Thanks, love to see what others have done with the same dolls I have got.


  4. Sure had several of the Twilight dressed to party but have Esme pending as well as Victoria and wanted to include them. Btw, My University of Texas/Aggies does look quite like Carlise just slightly darker/shorter hair and more tan. I was going to unbox him and dude him out but he got donated to deployed soldiers kids instead. If I can get my phone too hold a charge long enough I’ll be glad to take a pick of my Indiana Jones men. One looks exactly like Han Solo doll w/different color eyes and the other has Harrison Fords voice but looks more like a stunt double would look.

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