Fashion Doll Friday: Ballerina Barbie 1976

As a change from modern Barbies’ today’s Friday Girl is my Ballerina Barbie. I bought her in my early collecting days and a friend sent me the dress and the original stand which is packed away at present. As you can see Barbie needs some work. I’ve never done anything about her frizzy hair and I really should. Her dress is worn and needs to be replaced so I have posed her to protect her modesty a bit.

She has the twist and turn waist and the same face as other dolls of this era. This Barbie has unusual arms, this was before the so-called “ballerina arms” of present day Barbie’s. The little gold crown is attached to Barbie’s head. As a child I would have found this annoying if I wanted to redress her. Who goes around wearing a crown all day? The purpose of it was to hold Barbie while she posed on her special stand which supported one leg while you twirled her. According to the ads Barbie could do the splits and kicks so of course I had to see if she still could. Not bad for a girl of her age!

Barbie does the Splits

Here are a couple of links to more information about her.



  1. How pretty, very elegant, I didn’t know about her in the 70’s, I had one chunky Sindy doll, like a lot of girls I was ballerina mad, it never occured to me that my doll could be one. So I learned to do the splits and twirl around myself. Those were the days, now it’s a knee replacement next month lol. X

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  2. I love this mod face and delicate arms pairing, none of my dolls of this era have this elegance. I do have a 1991 with a Mackie face and molded pink ballet slippers but as the body is marked 1993 it may well be just an other Franken-barbie from the thrift store. I also suspect the bright pink tutu is not original but she still looks pretty flanked by nutcrackers for the holiday theme in my breakfast nook.


  3. She is a beauty. This is the Barbie face I love the most, so delicate. I have always loved ballet and ballerinas, so she was a must have for me. She really needs a new costume though.


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