Fashion Doll Friday: Corduroy Cool Barbie 1999

Today’s Friday Girl is Corduroy Cool Barbie from 1999. She has the older twist and turn body, ballet arms and her face is the Mackie sculpt. Chloe, as I call her, was one of my early collecting buys. In the late nineties there were so many nice play line Barbies to choose from but even then I looked for something a bit different. In her case it was the strawberry blonde curly hair.

I do have her original outfit but at present it is packed in one of my boxes in the shed. You can see a photo of it here.

Today Chloe is wearing a Fashion Avenue fashion from 1999. This outfit should really have platform shoes in a shade of blue closer to the jacket but they have gone walkabout so I have used another pair that match well.


  1. I have this doll, too, along with the one in the blue corduroy overalls. They were pretty dolls. Can’t believe that much time has passed since it came out! Time flies.

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  2. I also appreciate her lovely hair and face. The striped knit of her original outfit reminds me of Missoni, the Italian designer. She is available on eBay and it was fun to research her and the other Corduroy Cool dolls.

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  3. Isn’t that always the case , this doll is lovely, like both outfits. I had the cool blue corduroy gal but she had articulated arms and flat feet with high top trainers.)The overalls fit the Francine and other vintage dolls I gave a best friend.The turquoise outfit w/ this dolls strawberry blond hair is striking. I am so tempted to buy her but as long as I can visit her via this blog, I can not over stuff my doll room, well too much.

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