Hi all, I recently got myself a blonde swirl ponytail Barbie from around 1964. I took a couple of quick photos of her as she is now. Later on I will be taking her to Vanda to get her hair done and after that I will get her an outfit to wear. At the moment she is wearing an olive green dress. I’m not sure because there are no labels on it but it’s possibley from Poodle Parade but who knows. It’s very well made. It has a lining and a neat metal zip at the back. Anyway I will leave it to Vanda to identify it for me. If it is an original Barbie dress we’ll have to try to get the rest of the outfit. Anyway here is my Barbie. I got her as Vanda has the brunette and the titan dolls. This one will make up the treo of swirls.



  1. What a find! That dress might fit Misty too or Samanta, so lovely..would be so smart looking belted with a jacket and gloves..or with mod boots, such a classic princess seaming,I bet she’ll be lovely with Vanda’s vintage sisters and cousins.

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