Invasion of the Guys

This is another of my guys. His name is Teddy Saxon and he is a guitar hero. He’d rather rock it than work in a straight job. This is really the X Files guy dressed up. I bought the set with Vanda because they were nice looking dolls and not because I watch the show because I never did. Can’t even tell you what it’s about. Anyway this is what I did with mine for fun. He can easily change back into a regular guy as the hair is just a wig and I still have his black suit and everything.

Teddy Saxon
Teddy Saxon is a rock guitar hero


  1. I knew Fox Mulder rocks, you proved it,Though this doll looks more like a boy band member or 90210 cast than the square jawed character of E-files/Si-fi phenom..,you classed him up a bit..Where ever did you find his perfect performance ensemble?


    • There used to be more people making cool stuff who sold on Ebay. I got a lot of clothes for my guys that way. Not as many these days and very sadly I don’t do sewing. It’s all mix and match from all the stuff I have collected up over the last ten years or so.


    • It works! I agree, seeing less of the great homemade stuff, had to order some China stuff but it runs small, great for clones o leaner kens but not beefier ones. Looking to increase size of some Barbie scrubs I have, so can cover the used nudes I get in lots.I’m hopeless with machine sewing but can hand sew small things.When I de-box Fox I’ll have to see how he looks in a liv wig or even fashion queen look for vintage Beatles style in some mod gear, you have the best ideas!

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