Doll Detective Mailbag: Violet and Esmee

I am a bit behind with my Doll Detective posts so here is a new puzzle for us to solve. This query is from Denise about her dolls Violet and Esmee.


This is what Denise has to say about Violet.

Here are violets measurements; she is just over 20” tall.
With bright green closing eyes and dark eyelashes lovely red lips and has what looks like a capital W in her hair-line and 60/54 not that clear as hair plugs are in lettering.

Denise thinks that Violet is wearing her original dress and that she is a transitional doll made of both vinyl and hard plastic.  I’d be guessing but feel the style of her dress and body she might be from the mid sixties onwards.

Violet is probablyl wearing her orginal dress.


Denise says that Esmee is 15” tall with sleeping closing brown eyes and eye lashes and red lips she has what looks like B.01385 on her neck. Esme is also part hard plastic and part vinyl. Denise did not say if Esmee’s panties are original but she has been redressed. Having a look at the neck mark in the photo it looks a bit different to me, maybe B40535

Esme 15″ doll marked B.01385
Esmee’s neck markings.
Esmee redressed

So if anyone can tell us a bit more about these two pretty dolls please leave  a comment below.




  1. I think the black doll might be easier to ID, as less were made, there is an online resource for doll markings, in alphabetical order, I hope someone has these dolls and you get lucky. The dress is very bright for the original, unless stored really well.


    • I looked on the Doll Reference site but did not manage to find anything that looked like these numbers. I’m hoping someone may have had or still have a similar one and can give a clue.


    • (… didn’t mean to be rude or disparage them…I just meant by *generic* that they were sold as a baby doll and not with a name or identity. They are lovely and rather well made! They look to be full of character! I don’t collect any dolls other than fashion dollies but even I can see these are really nice xx)

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      • They do look like nicely made dolls. I was thinking of the cheap and nasty looking dolls you see in dollar stores now. Will anyone care about them I wonder? In the sixties and seventies even many generic dolls were quite attractive and well made.


  2. I personally love some clones…but actually as you mention, I only really like the vintage ones. One of my fave dolls of all time is Uneeda Suzette. Hard to come by here in the UK though, I have three but have had to get them from the US and even the postage is ridiculous xx

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    • Postage is ridiculous everywhere now. When I started collecting I used to buy from the US and UK quite regularly but I rarely do now because the postage makes it uneconomical.


  3. I think Australia is the worst for postage. I have a dolly friend there and to send stuff sometimes is out of our reach.
    (I meant as well when I said I love Uneeda Suzette, it’s Muss Suzette I love. Don’t like the other one at all!)

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