Fashion Doll Friday: Twiggy

Today’s Friday Girl is Naomi’s Twiggy. Twiggy has been featured on the blog before but she’s getting a rerun today because recently I was able to buy her original dress and boots from The Tiny Frock Shop. I knew that Naomi wanted some mod outfits for Twiggy and Francie so I thought this was too good to miss.

Unfortunately Twiggy has an issue with discolouration which is particularly bad on her legs. We think it might be nicotine stains although she doesn’t smell. I have a Sindy with the same problem. I am not sure if this can be cleaned and don’t want to try harsh cleaners on fragile old dolls so the girls  have been wearing pants to hide their legs. Once Twiggy was dressed in her mini dress it was rather noticeable though. I thought that she had better have some tights but as she is shorter than Barbie I thought that most Barbie stockings would bunch up around her ankles which wouldn’t look good. In the end I sent away for a pair of fish net stockings from Etsy seller Ellasdolls who I’ve bought a lot of fashion doll clothing from. When they arrived I was amazed at how snug they looked. I very carefully put them on, poor Twiggy had to be held in some very undignified positions but we managed. As the stockings are light coloured they don’t totally hide the marks but they do make them less obvious and the fish net style seems appropriate to the era. Naomi can always get her some darker ones or a different outfit later on but for now I think these will do.




  1. Oohh, you did a fab job with her mod outfit, the fishnets are a nice touch. Have never seen this face mold, her pert nose and short hair are darling. Thanks for showcasing vintage dolls.

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  2. Totally this , what a find! I’m still trying to acquire a Twiggy but the rates are crazy even here in the states. The boots and stockings look like they belong together.Have to revisit Etsy. More searching outfits than dolls these days. What fun!

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    • I don’t do Etsy very often but Sue who is the lady behind Ellasdolls used to be an ebay seller and moved to Etsy so as I like her things I looked her up there. Not as many Australian sellers on Etsy but that will change in time. When I first joined ebay the Australian version did not exist and nearly everything had to come from OS. Luckily it was much cheaper then.


  3. Twiggy looks great. Don’t forget we have a repro Twiggy paper doll set and a vintage Twiggy game some place. I will try to show these some time. I think the game is packed but I might be able to find it.


  4. Love the Casey mold, My little gal was a recue so has to wear wigs, but these mod clothes would take the focus away from that maybe a jaunty hat, also thinking with her trim Francine figure some riding clothes/boots.

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