An exciting day as a collector.

Today was one of my favourite days of the whole year because it was “Whole Town Garage Sale” day. I collect all sorts of vintage items so I was very excited. Last year I couldn’t go because I was very sick and unable to walk about much and the two years before that I had to work. This year I had the day off as I work next Sunday instead. Some of the houses in and around Oatlands are quite old and people have a lot of vintage stuff stored away while other homes are more modern and people are only selling modern household items and kid’s clothes and toys from today. I headed out at 8am armed with some cash and Wazza to take me about. We had a brilliant day and I came home with all sorts of treasures for myself and for Vanda. Vanda is going to do one of her excellent blogs on the vintage dolls I got for her. I got a lovely vintage pram probably from the sixties that we are going to share between us. It was only $40 so I was thrilled with that. It turned out to be an old workmates sale and he said to come back in an hour as they would have some old dolls. I got two fantastic celluloid dolls for $50 each. Such bargains. They have a little damage but are going to look ok on display. Vanda was thrilled when I sent her photos. One is a Princess doll. The other little doll came from a different sale and was only $5.00. She’s probably a sixties one. I also found Vanda a nice sewing basket. What did I get myself? Well no dolls for me but I have a share in the pram and I also got a vintage tin toy drum for $2.00 and a very nice old electric jug. As I said I collect all sorts of things and not just dolls. There were no teddy bears today but I’ve recently bought myself a big one that you will see in the following photos with the dolls I got for Vanda today. She will research them and do a blog for all those interested in seeing more of them later. Today I am just going to introduce you to them. They are such nice dolls and they will be a lovely edition to the doll collection.



  1. How lovely to scavenge such jem’s in your hunt for vintage treasures! Meant to ask if there were any books? I love poking in a used book store or swap meet for books w/ dolls or vintage toys in them.. Found a jem on Kewpie dolls which my gran loved..I want to give my mom. What a sweet teddy bear! Will he/she fit in your pram?

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  2. There were tons of book but I didn’t have time to go through them. If I had I would have missed the good stuff at all the other sales. I had to drive all over our town but there are always books about here and in Hobart and other markets. I reckon Big Ted would fit in the pram I bought today. I will have to try him and take some photos of him in it if he fits. Watch out for these.


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