Vintage Barbie Paper Dolls: Meet Francie

On Saturday when Naomi visited me she brought her latest vintage paper doll set. Barbie’s Mod Cousin Francie. I thought I’d show you these dolls today because a reader commented she’d love to see Francie. We’ll go back to the big folder of dolls that we sorted out next time.

This is a really lovely vintage set in great condition. The two dolls in the set have barely been played with and they are still in the original folder. The set was produced by Whitman for Mattel.

Francie Paper doll folder
The folder.

One of the things I like about vintage Barbie paper dolls is that they are very handy for identifying clothing as the paper doll sets generally feature genuine Barbie outfits as you can see the front of the folder shows the Francie doll in some of her special fashions.

The two Francie dolls and the folder.

I know I harp on about this a bit but one of the nice things about these vintage paper dolls and Barbie fashions in general back then  is that they are in a variety of colours not just pink. I especially liked these red themed Francie outfits.

francie paper doll clothes
Red outfits for Francie

I would say these fashions are more likely to be from the mid sixties and the sort of thing a teenage girl would wear then as they are quite demure. Later on in some of the other sets we’ll show you some real 1970s psychadelic fashions. Blonde and Brunette Francie seemed to have roughly the same amount of clothing. I didn’t see the scarf for the spotted raincoat but other than that the accessories mostly seem to be there. Blue and green seem to be favourite Francie colours as they feature in several of her outfits. She looks nice in yellow too.

Colourful clothing.
Winter outfits
Two pink outfits for Francie. In the foreground you can see the only other pink outfits in the set.
“Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between” but it seems to work for Francie.

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into Francie’s wardrobe. Next time we’ll show you a set of Malibu Barbie paper dolls from the seventies.




  1. I think that Francie paper doll set is from 1966. It was printed on the cover I am sure. Perhaps you could take a peak and see if it is.


  2. Wow. loved the whole set, I have a one piece bathing suit like shown but it came with my P.J. so will try it on Francine. The stockings reminded me of the ones you used on Twiggy. Loved the night gowns as well.All very pretty and the red/black choices so smart! I’ll have to dig in my daughters bins to see what I can unearth, nothing so stylish as this but maybe something fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for a pleasant trip down memory lane. I wish that red winter outfit with the cow spots would have been made, so mod. These are the sort of outfits that turn little girls into collectors, at least they did in my case.

    Liked by 1 person

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