Fashion Fever Resources

A couple of pages from my home-made Barbie Fashion guide book.

I know that a lot of you Barbie collectors love the Fashion Fever series of dolls and outfits  as much as I do. We’ve had a lot of fun over the past couple of years presenting the various dolls and clothing that I own. There is a lot more out there that I don’t have and may never have as it is getting a bit pricey on eBay now. That’s OK. What I wanted to talk about was the fact that while I’ve come across a lot of books and websites that are very helpful in identifying dolls and fashions from the vintage and mod era’s similar resources for Fashion Fever seem rather scarce in comparison.

Does anyone know of any books that deal specifically with the 2004-2007 dolls and fashions? Do you have favourite websites you go to?  If you look on Flickr and Pinterest you can find lots of photos but I guess what  I’m looking for is  a guide to every doll and outfit released, what year and what accessories there should be etc. More or less like I have been doing myself in the Fashion Fever Closet series.

So my questions are:

  1. Does a resource like this exist?
  2. If it doesn’t would there be interest in it?
  3. Are Naomi and I going to have to write it ourselves?

Let’s have a discussion.

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  1. I would love more updated info, my guides end before 2000.The style is key for me, that and the face molds. I’m just learning about the newer stuff. Too bad they didn’t do paper dolls for that, or did they?


  2. Like you, I’m pretty much using my selfmade resources as far as Fashion Fever is concerned, plus the Barbie Journals, that Mattel used to publish twice a year. Sadly they stopped doing that around 2010, I guess. A book on the fashions from 2000 to 2010 would be welcome, I’m with you, that the earlier aeras have been covered well enough.

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  3. I collect contemporary dolls and have been frustrated by the lack of resources on dolls and fashions from the Fashion Fever era and beyond. I bought the Assouline Barbie book and while it features contemporary dolls, it is a fancy coffee table book and not at all comprehensive. Some sites have attempted to compile all the Fashion Fever dolls and fashion packs but none has been successful. Helen’s Doll Saga managed to find many of the doll waves but not all.


    • Coffee table books are nice eye candy but if you are trying to identify dolls and clothing you have or missing pieces you need a straightforward guide. I have a few websites I regularly go to for information but I’d love an actual book even in pdf form.


  4. In response to question #3, yes you and Naomi will have to write the book:) I just love, love Fashion Fever outfits but some of them are made so small they don’t fit:(

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  5. Several years ago, a European doll collector (Erica?) had a Fashion Fever doll website showing all of the dolls by Wave There was a “sister” site, that also focused on the Fashion Fever dolls and accessories and that had a Forum as well – I think Mattel had both sites taken down. Sigh. The sites were informative.

    Today, there is a Wiki that has some of the dolls , but I don’t think that there is any central site on this line. A book on these dolls would be welcome. Thanks for considering producing a book on Fashion Fever Barbies. Good luck!


    • Yes you are right Dana. I remember that site and thought it was great. They were still being produced then and I found it very useful to find out what was available. I remember it being taken down. I really don’t know what Mattel’s problem was.


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