A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue: Episode Three – A Teaser

Like “Star Wars” the Fashion Avenue posts have sequels and prequels in no particular order. Naomi has been digging through her fashion doll trunk and discovered some unopened Fashion Avenue outfits she had bought something like fifteen years ago. Although Naomi’s collection is mainly of male dolls and vintage she does have some 1990’s Barbies packed away. Some she used to display NRFB on shelves, others were deboxed and haven’t seen the light of day in years. So we now have lots of new dolls and outfits to show you.

With the Fashion Avenue packs our plan is to photograph them all so you can see the full outfit and accessories. Some are outfits that I have myself so I can also show them on a model without opening the pack. The others we may de box after photographing so that they can be worn.

Naomi brought the box of outfits with her on Saturday when she visited so I have just quickly unpacked them to see what was in there. Here is a sneak peek.

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  1. Oohh, this is like Christmas! I look forward to seeing high quality fashions and I’m particularly interested in the group with the ankle boots. Some FA outfits are timeless. I got a pack once with a brown shearling coat and floral pants which I sold on eBay because I didn’t want all the pieces. I wonder if there was more FA or FF clothes.

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  2. I have got two Teresa dolls and other Barbies wearing some FA outfits that I will be getting out of my trunk soon. There is tons of stuff packed away that I had forgotten about because of the guys and other collections not related to dolls. Anyway do stay tuned to this site. I have two days home so will get some photos done so you can see what I have to show everyone.


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