Op Shop Dolls: Escape from Sid’s Place

These poor toys barely escaped with their lives.

What terrible things befell Buzz, Woody and their friends at Sid’s place? The toys barely made it out alive. Jessie and Ken were tattooed and may be scarred for life,  Barbie and GI Joe seem to have lost most of their clothes. Poor Woody is so upset he’s lost the power of speech.

This lot was waiting for me when I came back to the Op Shop after two weeks break along with a bunch of Monster High dolls with amputated limbs.

Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

Buzz and Bullseye are not in bad shape, just a light clean is all they need. Woody is dirty and can’t talk any more but at least he still has his hat. Buzz was very talkative on the way home constantly saying “To Infinity and Beyond” while Jessie was just grateful “You came!” She is in bad shape but I think I can get the pen marks off her. I’m more concerned about how I’m going to clean their clothing but I will think of something.

Ken and My Scene Barbie

Ken, who looks like a fairly recent one suffered the indignity of having boobs drawn on him but it looks like biro and I think it will come off. My Scene just needs a spell at the beauty parlour.

Action figures and Barbie.

I’m not going to speculate about what happened to Barbie. I think she must be one of those fairy ones as she is a strange shade of lavender.

Anyway, I’ll set to work trying to rehabilitate them all and you can see them again after they have recovered from the trauma.

Unfortunately there seem to be a lot more Sid’s than Andy’s out there these days.



  1. So glad you’re there to rescue these poor dolls. They definitely look relieved to be with you. Love all the pictures, especially the last one. Looking forward to seeing the pics after you do your magic.

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  2. Pity you don’t work for e-bay..would have rescued this lot in a flash..these toys fly off the shelves this time of year..anything Pixar is top sellers!..Disneyland is even naming a street at California adventure Pixar street..As for Barbie I usually have something like fairy wings or mermaid tails to transform these ooak finds..for surface cleaning I do a mini batch of oxyclean and either dawn or mild detergent or even body wash and use the foam/bubbles and a nail brush or tooth brush to spot clean..Mr clean also has those great sponges too..How fun!I can’t wait to go to the thrift store to rescue something!One more donation day next month and I will be buying for me again!

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    • I am particularly concerned about Jessie as she is filthy and obviously can’t be immersed in water so I’ll have to try and sponge her down. It’s going to be hot today so it’s a good day for it. I don’t know the sponges you refer to. What are they? We have ones called “white magic” little whit blocks of foam like material which are quite good for household cleaning. Is that the sort of thing you mean?


  3. Don’t sell them to an OS collector. You know what happened last time. How big is Bulls Eye? I don’t have him yet.


  4. my Bullseye is under 10 inches/hof to ears, around 25 cm, I think 7inches to saddle., but he’s all vinyl. My woody looks the same as yours though as well as Jesse. Still looking for Buzz. The grandkids still love these toys and they are school age.

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