Invasion of the Guys : Georgie

Georgie Cruikshank is probably one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Sydney at the moment but he would be hard to catch being a bit of a playboy. Georgie’s family are the founders of Cruikshanks department stores operating in England and Australia. Georgie is the face of Cruikshanks and runs the company with his family from the flagship store in Pitt Street Sydney. Georgie currently dates Becky, Maddy and many others.

It’s fun to make up little background stories for each of the dolls. They capture my imagination and add to the fun of story telling. Does anyone else do this or am I the only crazy one?

Georgie is of course one of the Black Basics dolls and my favourite of the ones they have made so far. Sadly they never make very many of them and this particular Ken is very nice looking. I like the slim body and the way they have shaped it as it looks much more realistic than the old chunky ones with straight arms or the ones with bent arms. I wish they had made more like this one. I have dressed Georgie casually today. He’s ready for the weekend and dressed warmly to keep the cold out where ever he might go. His leather jacket is made of real leather and is an aviator’s jacket. I have little transfers to attach to it but haven’t done it so far. (Too lazy) His top may have come from Ella’s Dolls. Vanda made the black scarf. I think he looks really cool dressed like this. Here are some photos.

Georgie looking casual
Georgie set for the week end
Georgie in sunnies


  1. Georgie is dashing, bit of a heartbreaker. I have not seen this one, love to hear more about his life, cool character. Yes, I love to bring them to life too, it’s a lovely creative thing, like puppetry. Precursor to animation I am sure. I have a small family of China dolls called The Spiggins , Gloria and Ted are the main characters. They have a tiny attic apartment (dolls house, attic room).

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  2. Georgie is mouth watering..think I had the head in a recent lot I rebodied but the hair was slightly longer/more wavy dated 2001.All I had for him was a bent arm body that the hard legs bent on.Not as dashing as your guy..maybe his country cousin in darkwash/black jeans and whiteshirt/tie/ piece top..was standing next to baby spice and Ashley olson at a wedding.The spiggins sound charming.i know you are not alone in your stories, I go so far as to re-create characters in favorite books or movies.Lately I used an integrity doll for the Sookie Stackhouse novels,w/ her buddy Bubba(aka) elvis..Love these Blog!

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  3. I’ve been checking out your recent “Invasion of the Guys” posts. Very entertaining. Fab aviator jacket! It’s fun to give dolls personality and a back story – this is what doll collecting is all about.

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  4. I have a lot of fun making up things about the dolls and dressing them up. I have a collection of guy dolls while Vanda has mostly girls so we have a lot of fun when we put them together. Glad you enjoyed “Invasion of the Guys” I am deciding who will be my next featured guy.


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