Fashion Doll Friday – Mattel Monster High Draculaura 2010

Today’s Friday Girl or perhaps I should say Friday Ghoul is Draculaura from Monster High. I have had a batch of these dolls at home for Day Spa treatment from the Op Shop.

Although I would not collect these dolls myself I have to admit that their poseability makes them a lot of fun to photograph. Look out for a post on the rest of the gang later in the week.
There are many versions of  Draculaura available. I believe this is the first issue in her original outfit.


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  1. Great link ..I might look for this doll as it appears she and one I have Frankie Stein are good friends, might even pop over to the used book store as I’m ripe for a fun si-fi series after the Sookie Stackhouse books. I even found something on A taller doll Marisol Coxi, so now I know how her hair is meant to be fixed. These dolls do look great with the Liv dolls/horse and other big head dolls , and as you said look great posing. What fun/fashion as well as I can even mix in a few vintage trolls, and toy story, sky’s the limit at monster high.

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