Buffy of A Family Affair.

I was recently lucky enough to get a Buffy doll in excellent condition. I was very pleased with her because her hair is still done in it’s original style. She is only missing one hair ribbon. She has her little socks and shoes. I could hardly believe this. She also has her dress and panties. She does have a little green on the back of her neck but it’s not too bad at this point. I’m hoping we can remove it. Dolls with the wire inside often do have problems in later years. Buffy is of course a friend of Tutti and is made exactly the same way. I like her face colour as she has lovely rosey cheeks and a much nicer face than the Tutti dolls.

Buffy was played by Anissa Jones in Family Affair. She sadly died at a very young age. There is a lot of memorabilia that you can still get such as the Family Affair paper dolls. There are two sets I would like to get. They used to come nicely boxed which made it easier to store the dolls safely. While the folders were very nice the boxes were probably more durable. One set was of the whole family and the other of Buffy and Jody.

For those too young to remember this television series I am adding some links. In brief Family Affair was an American sitcom on the CBS network. It ran from 1966 to 1971. The main stars were:

  • Brian Keith as Uncle Bill
  • Sebastian Cabot as Mr French
  • Cathy Garver as Cissy
  • Johnny Whitaker as Jody
  • Anissa Jones as Buffy.

There were some notable guest stars during the making of Family Affair. Jamie Farr and Leif Garret both appeared as guest stars among others.

The storyline has Uncle Bill as a wealthy bachelor with his valet taking in his nieces and nephew after their parents are killed in an accident. I won’t go into this too much as there is plenty already written about the show. You can find out more if you like by following the links. Here are some photos of my Buffy doll.

Links coming very soon. Please stay tuned.


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  1. How lucky to get one of these dolls, in such good condition and dressed! I found a Mrs. Beasley doll at a thrift store a while back, got it for my Shirley Temple (she is collecting dolls, much like the real Shirley did).

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  2. Keep an eye on that green. It can;t be removed, and once it starts it continues to spread. you can buy a Tutti or another doll with that body and switch the heads. My childhood Buffy had neck wires that started to corrode and unfortunately i left her for a while without checking on her and her head turned brown! I’ve seen dolls with mint mint hair and face paint that are green from the neck half way up their heads.

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  3. What a find! we were talking about family affair as we watched the actor who played Jody in a movie.I have lost several auctions for these dolls.at first though when you said buffy I thought someone might have Buffy the Vampire collecibles..kinda rare..I the vamp named Spike. I would love Buffy And Jody Maybe I could have my Mary Poppins care for them as I haven’t dound Jane or Michael either.Great pics!

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