Op Shop Dolls: Hasbro Action Man

Two Action figures fought their way out of Sid’s place. They were not too badly harmed in the process but needed a wash and in the case of one some treatment for ink marks on his legs.

Both of them are marked Hasbro and as far as I can tell they are both Action Man.

The guys went to doll M*A*S*H to get cleaned up while the girls were at Day Spa. Real Men action figures don’t go to the spa although Ken probably would not have minded as much.

Our two Action Heroes and Ken at doll M*A*S*H

Armed Action Man appears to be Operation Jungle from 2001. I am not sure for how many years this figure was released but Amazon has him marked as currently unavailable. He has lost his dog tags in the fight as well as his big knife. Perhaps he loaned it to Crocodile Dundee. As he won’t be parted from his gun I can’t give him anything else to wear. I do have shoes that fit but I don’t like sending dolls in shoes to the Op Shop as they often get lost before the dolls even leave the store.

The other one appears to be Millenium Action Man from 2000.

I haven’t managed to find a picture of this one boxed but there is a nice gallery of Action Man photos in the link below.


Action Man was originally made by British Company Palitoy until he was sold to Hasbro in 1993. He was retired in 2006 but brought back for a 50th birthday issue in 2016. I wrote a post about Palitoy some time ago. You can read it here.


Here are the guys ready to go back on duty. They took some time out to visit a buddy before they left for their next mission.

Hasbro Action figures and action figure by MC Toys China.



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