Op Shop Dolls: Woody and Friends

Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye.

The Toy Story Gang, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye had a rough time. I think that their previous owner must have played with them outside because when Woody and Jessie arrived they were absolutely filthy. Surprisingly Buzz and Jessie could still speak but Woody’s pull string seems to be stuck and up to the time of writing I have not tried to see if I can unjam it.

By sending descriptions and photos to each other Naomi and I  worked out that these guys are smaller than her Toy Story gang. Woody and Jessie are about 14″ high and Buzz a little shorter. Naomi’s are the 17″ size.

Buzz, being all plastic, did not need much work. I just wiped the surface dirt off him with a damp cloth and he was good to go. Bullseye’s tag says “surface wash only” so as he wasn’t all that dirty I did the same for him. Wiped him down with wool wash on a damp cloth.

Woody and Jessie were a bit harder. As they are fabric over plastic and their clothing is part of their bodies I could not take it off to clean it or immerse them in water. I used the same method as I used for Bullseye. It worked well enough on Woody. Jessie was by far the worst of the four of them because her shirt is white. A lot of the dirt did come off it when I wiped her down but I did take off a bit of the yellow “suede” of the collar before I realised it.  The marks on her face were made with something water-soluble like crayon and they came off quite easily. I am still deciding whether to trim all the pilling off Jessie’s woolen hair. For the time being I have combed it with a fine tooth comb and was able to remove some of the pilling that way.


So all in all I’m satisfied that I’ve done that best I could for these toys.

Toy story characters
Woody, Buzz, Bullseye and Jessie after clean up.




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