Invasion of the Guys: Sebastian

Todays guy is Dr Sebastian Starr. Sebastian owns and runs his own hospital in Manly. As well as being Chief of Staff he is also an excellent surgeon. When Sebastian is not working he enjoys week ends away at his country cottage or his trailor by the sea. He loves to get back to nature by going for long walks in the country or by the sea. There he is at one with nature. He often collects samples of leaves and rocks to examine later. You won’t find him without a note book or a sketch pad either. He likes to record all he sees as the seasons change throughout the year.

Sebastian is into science, reading, baking, gardening, playing guitar or just having fun with his little dog. He enjoys his quiet nights at home during the week but he is not unsociable and loves to have family and friends over for dinner or a barbecue. He loves to watch a movie or go dancing with a special girlfriend. Sebastian currently dates both Becky and Maddy but he is smitten with Becky. Sebastian is the elder brother of Mortimer Blake Jones also known as Mort or MBJ.

Sebastian is actually just a play line ken who came in bathers and had a little shark’s tooth or something around his neck. They made this Ken with short and long hair. Sebastian has the longer hair. I brushed it down to make it look even longer. I think this Ken is A Mermaid Tale ken from around 2010 but please do not quote me. I am not completely sure about the year and I am only going by my memory.

Here are some photos of Sebastian dressed up to go out. He is possibly going to meet Georgie and his other friends so they can have a jam session which they all enjoy.




    • Thank you. Sebastian is one of my favourite dolls and he is fun to dress up because he is very nicely made. Vanda once took a picture of his whole family together. We will have to see if we can find it later.


    • I wish I had some scrubs for Sebastian. I don’t think I have any but I have a white coat for him to wear. I’ll try to do a post with him wearing it soon.


    • I forgot to add that he is not dating any nurses. He has a rule not to date any of his staff. One of his colleagues however is dating one of the receptionists.


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