Op Shop Dolls: Barbie and Ken

The two Barbies and Ken are the last ones to be finished. As I mentioned Ken had been inked and he needed some time to let the Oxy 10 do its work. He also needed some clothing as he only had his board shorts but that was no problem as I have a box of old Ken clothes that is fine for Op Shop dolls.

Ken getting treatment for bad ink

Fashionista Ken

He is as I mentioned a fairly recent Ken with the new head mold. Hard to say which one as they all look similar once their original outfits are gone . His head is marked 2015, body 2010.


You will be happy to know that the treatment was successful.

Ken has recovered.
Fashionista Ken redressed.

As for the two girls they needed a clean and some serious work on their hair.

The girls wait for their turn at the day spa.

Fairytopia Barbie

Lavender Barbie is Barbie Fairytopia Lavender Sparkle, I think she might be from around 2005 but I’m unsure how long she was in production. Her sparkly top is moulded on and she had a tutu skirt made of sparkly tulle like material. She had wings fixed on her back. They are gone. Not much I can do about that. Here is an image from Amazon’s website to show you how she should look. Her hair was a serious mess and in the end I just did a ponytail with it.


Fairytopia Lavender Sparkle Barbie picture from Amazon.
Lavender Fairytopia Barbie

My Scene

My Scene dolls are another type of fashion doll I don’t know a lot about.  I had not even realised that the original Barbie character in the My Scene world had been replaced by a similar looking doll called Kennedy. I did know that My Scene was brought out by Mattel in 2002 to compete with MGA’s Bratz. They featured a larger head on a regular Barbie body.This is handy because the dolls can share clothes but I generally found My Scene fashions too childish for my own dolls who are more mature characters. My Scene was meant to appeal to “tweens”. You can read a good description of the history of My Scene dolls here.

I am uncertain as to whether this doll is Barbie or Kennedy. The fact that she has turned up at the Op Shop makes me think she is more likely to be Kennedy given the age of our customer’s children but that’s just a guess. I’ll include some close ups in case someone knows. She has the closed mouth smile, dark pink lips, pink eyeshadow on her lids and a touch of gold glitter on her brows. Her body is the standard FF belly button body with no articulation apart from the usual places.

My Scene Barbie or Kennedy doll
Barbie or Kennedy?





  1. My daughter never had the blonde my scene so uncertain of her name, but was looking for a red headed one as she resembled Jessica abbit fom Disney/who framed Roger Rabbit nd the actual dolls were out of our price ange back then. We did have one or two of the fairly dolls sans the outfits from a garage sale but I think they were swapped out for boy doll in a trade..the pink one looks sweet with her lavender sister. Great blog!

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  2. Barbie actually doesn’t look too bad at all despite the coloured hair. She has more character now than when she was a boring fairy.She’d look great dressed up to go to a disco.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is interesting. I had some Bratz dolls home to fix up recently and they had much skinnier bodies. This was definitely a Barbie body. As Mattel made My Scene to copy Bratz I thought that’s why her head was like that but maybe she is what I call a frankendolly. Her head is quite loose actually so maybe swapped from another doll. Most of the earlier Bratz are much more made up but I gather the later ones were not.

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