Op Shop Dolls: Escape from Sid’s Place Part Two

The group pose together for one last photo together.

The brave toys who escaped from Sid’s Place were reunited today before setting out for new adventures. They will not forget the other toys with whom they shared so much during their daring escape. None of them know what the future holds for them but they hope that they will be loved and well treated wherever they end up. We hope so too.

These poor toys barely escaped with their lives.


Naomi has offered to adopt Ken, Bullseye and possibly Woody. I will try to make sure that Buzz and Jessie stay together when they return to the shop, at present they are still with me as I want to do a bit more work on Jessie. The others have already departed for the Op Shop along with the Monster High dolls. Lavender Barbie and Armed Action Man have gone to new homes as have all the Monster High girls. The other two are still waiting but I am sure not for long.



  1. Hey these Toy story dolls, they kept their wits and hats about them! Loving these Toy Story story lines!Love that Jesse has yarn hair instead of rooted.She and Bullseye are so soft I bet they make great bed-mates or sleep-over buddies/ready to jump in a knapsack for fun..Another fantastic Blog!


  2. They will have a good home with me but starting to feel guilty about splitting them up now. Poor Jessie and Buzz going back to the op shop. Oh dear!

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  3. Will be looking for a Buzz after donations are taken care of next month. My Jesse has been hanging with the gang but since Woody has Bo-peep and Mr.&Mrs’s Potato head, she’s ready for romance. Though she’s glad to care for all the critters in these parts, Slinky dog can watch the critters for her.


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