Invasion of the Guys : Monty

Monty is the younger brother of Dr Sebastian Starr and Mortimer Blake Jones. He is an intern at Sebastian’s hospital. He studies very hard and takes his work very seriously but when he’s free of his responsibilities he’s off doing his own thing. He has become quite popular among the staff and especially with the nurses. Unlike his older brother he enjoys chasing them and taking them on a date. There probably are not many nurses that Monty hasn’t chatted up. Monty has had to shelve most of his hobbies due to his career but he still enjoys going to the movies, rock concerts and of course he loves good food and going out for dinner. Monty is dressed for such an occasion today. He looks very comfy and casual but ready for an evening out with a date. I wonder who she is this time.

Monty’s jacket and T shirt came from Ebay sellers but his jeans and boots are proper Barbie / Mattel ones. He is of course Barbie’s groom but he didn’t want to marry Barbie so he stood her up and changed his name to Monty to avoid the whole thing. I wonder if Barbie is still waiting for him. Perhaps she went back to Blaine or went off with He Man or Action Man. I think they have more belongings for her to take away from him in the event of a divorce. 

I was just looking him up to see when he was made. Amazon had him and there was a 2012 edition that looks very much like Monty. Someone else said he was 2014. Mine had rather scruffy fly away hair. I decided to give him a scar under one eye to make him a bit different and sort of mysterious. I was just reading the reviews and one lady said her daughter just loved him and he had already married five princesses in one day. So I guess not all the groom dolls escaped their fate and it seems that some little girls really do play at weddings and fairy tale stuff. Well without any more raving on here are some photos of Monty.




  1. If I remember rightly there were two almost identical groom Kens. One came in a white jacket and the other in a black tuxedo. The white tuxedo one came out in 2012 and I think this might be the one you used for Mort. I remember when the other one came out later I asked you if he was too similar to Mort and you said youcould make him look different. I think Mort and Monty do look more different now you have restyled them both but you can tell they are brothers. Sebastian was a beach doll wasn’t he?

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    • Sebastian came from A mermaid Tale. I fairly sure about that. Mort had a black suit and Monty the white jacket. I looked them up to be sure about that. Monty of course has the bent arm where Mort has straight arms and appears taller even though he probably isn’t. They do look like brothers.


  2. My country cousin was a loose (2012) head in a lot I re-bodied. He hasn’t quite gained an Identity yet in genetic 2pc pajamas so far but I call him Blain as he’s cuter than the standard Ken. Love to find a great student or artist look, or maybe beach togs.Think he might date the Avon rep blonde Barbie with restyled pink slip dress and faux leather jacket (from Bella Cullen/Twilight doll) and mackey face.

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  3. An artist would be something a bit different. You could make such a good scene with a studio for him. I might work on having an artist too. Mort creates works of art but it would be kind of fun to have another artist who works in a different style. I’ve got some biker guys coming up soon. I have to find all the bikes so I can pose a few of them together.


  4. The closest thing I have to a biker is my Indiana Jones guys and a motorcycle phone that is broken/missing the handlebars. My artist I’m calling Blain has a checked jacket but I want to put him in scrubs or pajamas with a silky robe, or a sweater/jumper w/ casual pants/slacks.. Maybe something festive for Christmas!

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