Fashion Doll Friday: Harley-Davidson Barbie 2010

Today’s Friday Girl is Barbie from the Harley-Davidson Barbie and Ken gift set from 2010. Naomi and I went halves on this set as we occasionally do. Natalie as she is now known has been featured occasionally in fashion show posts  and once as a Friday Girl on Valentines Day with her boyfriend at the time. I do think it is a shame that they didn’t make her fully articulated. I don’t think Mattel have made a Harley-Davidson Barbie and Ken since this set came out. I did feature the Ken from this set a couple of years ago but no doubt Naomi will show him to you again soon in her “Invasion of the Guys” series.

Natalie is one of the many staff members at Cruikshank’s department store.




  1. What a lovely doll, I thought the face looked similar to a 2010 smokey eyed gal I got as a head and she’s similar except you Natalie has a fringe/bang and mine doesn’t plus mine has a bit of neon pink hair I’ve tucked toward the center to hide. All I had to body her was either a stiff 1999 body or 2016 Wonder woman w/ articulated knees and elbows not much of an upgrade but her head seemed too large for the standard body. Doesn’t the male doll have a five o’clock shadow?(Unshaven face?) I have a Bollywood guy with that has that maybe she can date. I’m calling her Dianna like Wonder woman’s Diana Prince. But she has bigger hips than Barbie will have to go to homemade or full figure clothing. and with really big feet maybe vintage shoes likes Tammy’s moms.


  2. Nat always looks nice in those colours. She hasn’t dumped Liam has she? I still have him. He is still waiting on a change of clothes. I was thinking of doing a few of the biker guys. have to find all the bikes.

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