Fashion Doll Friday: Pedigree Patch

Fashion Doll Friday is a bit cobbled together this week. I have been busy painting my bathroom and as previously stated dolls and paint just don’t mix. In the end I ran out of time to take new photos. So we have a cheeky bunch of Friday Girls today. Our Patch Dolls.

Sindy’s Naughty Little Sister has always been a big favourite of mine. I love her colouring but most of all her expression. Patch came with three hair colours, blonde, brunette and auburn the same as Sindy. I don’t know if a black-haired Patch was ever made. I’ve never seen one but who knows with the things that came out of the Hong Kong factories and Pedigree’s “waste not want not” attitude to doll parts. At any rate if there was one I would snap her up as I have the other three hair colours. Naomi’s Patch is the one with the long fringe. She has really lovely hair. Mine have been cutting their own, or each other’s I think.


  1. Patch is so sweet ,don’t know why I passed her up..probably lost to a higher bidder. As I am cutting out the E-bay for a year or so ,maybe I can chance upon her in a swap meet ,shoppe or yard/estate sale.Is she the size of Pepper or smaller?

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  2. Aw, happy memories! In all honesty, I was getting to the age when my parents thought me a little old for dolls when Patch came out, but I dis get one brunette. Oddly, unlike most of we girls of the time, she has kept her school gymslip and shirt but ditched her other clothes over the years.

    My girl came out of store only a month or two ago and has aged well. But I now agree with my mother – the doll is great quality but the clothes are not as well made as they should have been, given the price at the time. Her school things are unwashable as the shirt and brown dress are sewn as one, like her original patched dungarees, but being wool, it is likely to bleed or shrink. She’s just going to have to get in trouble for being the dirtiest girl in school!.

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    • “The dirtiest girl in school” sounds a lot like my image of Patch playing in the mud and having a great time. I have parts of that uniform and luckily it is in good condition as I would be wary about washing it. Fashion doll clothes were made better than now on the whole but with some things there were certainly issues.


  3. What I would like to know is what the real names of some of these dolls would have been??? Patch, Pepper, Tutti, skipper? These can’t be their real names. If they were dolls invented today I probably would not question this. Who would name their child Skipper in the 60s besides an Alan Hale Junior fan???

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  4. I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse novel’s by Charlaine Harris..who would name their daughter Sookie? I wonder if any of my reference material has said anything about Scooter and Skippers unusual names. I also wonder what P.J. stands for.


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