Fashion Doll Friday: Becky

Today’s Friday Girl is a rerun as I’ve had no time at all to take doll photos this week. Becky is of course Black Basics Barbie 09 and a frequent participant if fashion show posts. She is one of my favourites so I hope you won’t mind seeing her again.



  1. Love the dress with the cover-up..I have a home made version of the dress w/o the gold belt, it fits an integrity doll. Love the blond w blue and green eyes dolls for the holidays ,dressed in red so much I often leave them dressed that way till Valentines. Even my bald 61 Ken manages to change out of his P.j.”s into a plaid shirt and green slacks. Loving the fushia halter and purple shoes/striped pants as they are a hot trend this year.


  2. The Gigi Hadid x Tommy Hilfiger doll is out and I have her! Exciting since this is a brand new face mold. Good news she’s articulated, bad news cost $50 which I think is pricey since she’s casually dressed with no accessories. Many retailers are shipping for free, I got her at Target which is offering $25 off $100 for toys. Happy holidays πŸ™‚


  3. I haven’t deboxed yet to check out quality. It’s unfortunate they dressed a fashion model doll in a baggy top and shorts and gave her flat feet. Fortunately, I have shoes and sneakers for her but that will limit her versatility.

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