Next Year’s Barbie

Fellow doll blogger Barbielistholland has published this post previewing next year’s dolls. I thought I would share it. Please follow the link.





  1. Thanks for sharing. I already have the Gigi Hadid doll. Chelsea looks adorable. Unfortunately, the playline dolls and fashions look dreadful. I didn’t see any “The Look” dolls so little to look forward to 😦


    • I quite like the look of the Gigi Hadid dol although I hate the outfit. It looks like she borrowed it from Ken. I like the children but don’t care for the Fashionistas so as you say not a lot to look forward to.


  2. some of the play-set’s are o.k. but still more pink stuff. I was sorry there were no bald Ken’s as that’s preferable to the molded hair. Some of the AA dolls were lovely but most of the clothes not too impressive. Did like the dye dresses, and some of the separates. Overall the lack of articulation will be off putting. I may re-head some older bodies and use theses as dress forms. Great Link.


    • I’m not sure I’d like a bald Ken but at least you could put a wig on him more easily. I did think the AA dolls were on the whole nicer than the Caucasian ones and some of the clothing was OK but I definitely agree about the lack of articulation except on the Made to Move’s there seems to be none.


  3. Some nice faces to come, but the bodies are unusable, except for the M2Ms. Time to stock up on the old, original Fashionistas bodies and fair skinned Fashionistas clone dolls. Looks like me not spending a lot on Barbie this year again. The Pizza Chef playset looks nice. Something not pink at last.

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  4. I can so relate to wanting to see them in real life. I was fancying Fashionista No 59 – Tropi Cutie until I saw her on the shelf. That bright pink lipstick made her lips pop like a pavians butt. Maybe I’ll still get one, when they get reduced to half price and try to repaint her lips in a soft bronze.


    • I really wish I could shop for dolls in person more often but collectible dolls have to be bought online so you have to trust the photos. Fashionistas are available locally so I like to go and look at them and see if I like them before I buy. I bought a couple online once and when I got them I found they had that blank stare that so irritates me and I didn’t really care for them so I’m more careful now.


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