Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy in Dream Date

This week I have not had time to prepare a good Friday feature so this one was done in a bit of a rush. I hope to have time for some doll photography after Christmas and I am sure that Naomi and I will both have some cool presents to share with you too.

Today’s Friday Girl is one of my mini Sindy’s wearing one of my favourite Sindy outfits “Dream Date”. I do like the black-haired Sindy’s which are mostly 1966 issue I think and made in Hong Kong. This one has rather coarse hair and it is in need of some work to make it sit more neatly. I will do it one day. I was lucky to get the outfit with the record player and tiny record as well.




  1. Happy almost Christmas and New years! I like Sindy no matter the size or fashion.Think the dream date dress is sweet. I am thinking of recreating the houndstooth cape sans the buttons and trim, style it as an open cape. (Probably in knit instead of wool to make it easier to manage. )

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