Christmas Surprises

Naomi and I usually try to give each other presents from our collector’s wish list at Christmas and birthdays but we usually like to keep the actual gift a surprise. For weeks Naomi has been saying  “I can’t wait for you to open your present.” and I have been just as eager for her to see hers.

Well here is part of mine.

I mentioned that I’d like a vintage doll case, not so much to keep dolls in as because I love the graphics on them. Naomi found me one which looks almost new outside and is in pretty good shape inside as well. She also got me a reproduction  American Girl Barbie. The American Girl has been on my wish list for a long, long time because I like her hair style but the vintage ones are very expensive. I was more than happy to get a reproduction doll and she will go well with my reproduction bubblecut and reproduction Midge.

Vintage Barbie case and Repro American Girl
Vintage Barbie case and Repro American Girl

Naomi also spent ages collecting vintage outfits for me from various eBay sellers and last of all she found me a dog to put with my Sindy in country walk. In fact this one is Tammy’s dog but they are the same and I don’t have the Tammy outfit the dog goes with yet anyway.

Tammy/Sindy dog

I will be doing individual posts on all these things in the near future.



  1. What a lovely tradition you and Naomi have! It’s wonderful you both share a love of dolls. I can see why you want American Girl, her fringe, coloring and ensemble are stunning. Can’t wait to see more of her and what you got Naomi.

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