Vintage Barbie Fashion Show

Today I’d like to show you some of the outfits that Naomi got me for Christmas for the vintage girls. Four vintage dolls and a Reproduction assisted me with a fashion shoot.

Our models today are

  • Titian Swirl Ponytail Barbie
  • Blonde Swirl Ponytail Barbie (Naomi’s)
  • American Girl Reproduction Barbie
  • Fashion Queen Barbie
  • Midge (Naomi’s)


Both the Swirl Girls need their ponytails re-tied. I am waiting for some tiny rubber bands before I do them properly. I still find doing a swirl a bit tricky but there are several good tutorials so I will keep trying. Titian had her original band but when I picked her up to change her for this post I saw it had perished. Fashion Queen now has a new wig which fits her properly courtesy of Naomi.

The Fashions

The seller of most of these outfits was kind enough to label the bags with the outfit name and number which made them easy to ID. Most are incomplete so I will try to complete them over time. One or two need some repairs which I will do and one or two look like generic or home-made pieces.

Here is Naomi’s Midge wearing the shirt to “Picnic Set” #967 issued 1959-61. This set had three-quarter length jeans known as “clam diggers” in the USA. This outfit came with a lot of accessories, a straw hat, cork wedge shoes, picnic basket, fishing pole, line, sinker and fish. Needless to say these would be very hard to find . The jeans were also issued in a separate pack later and the whole outfit was issued as a reproduction in 2006 with a pony tail Barbie. Midge’s pants are un tagged and might be generic or home-made but do look a bit like the ones from “Mood For Music” #940 1962-3

Midge in Picnic Set Shirt

Here the Swirl Girls model some loose items. Titian wears a pair of yellow shorts over Barbie’s red Helenca swimsuit. We have about four of these.  Blonde Barbie wears the Picnic shirt with a blue knit skirt. The bag it came in says it is a pak skirt.

Swirl Barbies in shorts and swimsuit, Picnic shirt and Pack skirt.

 Here is Fashion Queen Barbie wearing Masquerade #944 1963-64. Ken and Skipper had matching outfits. I have two of these outfits. This one is tagged the other isn’t and may be a well made copy. The hat is not tagged and has lost its pom pom. It is a sort of flannel material an I am not sure if it is the original or not.

Next Titian Swirl wears #949 which was issued as “Raincoat” in 1963 and subsequently as “Stormy Weather” in 1964-65. I was surprised to find that this outfit was fabric as I had imagined it would be vinyl. There should be a fabric belt, yellow hat, white knee boots and umbrella to go with this outfit.

Stormy Weather/Raincoat

Fashion Queen Barbie is wearing the dress from Poodle Parade with a pak jacket called “Going to the Ball” 1964-65 which was sold with short white gloves and open toed shoes. This jacket is the same as Barbie’s “Ice Breaker” jacket except for the lining and the corsage pinned to it.

Going to the Ball Jacket

The next item is “Winter Holiday” #975 1959-63 modelled by Titian Swirl Barbie. I’d love to get the rest of this outfit. To complete it I need a white vinyl coat with belt, cork wedge shoes, red vinyl gloves and a red tartan bag. I doubt that the shoes would fit over these leggings though as they are quite thick.

Titian Barbie in Winter Holiday

Blonde Swirl Barbie models “Invitation to Tea” #1632 1965. This outfit should have a silver belt to keep the tabard in place and clear open toe shoes. The accessories are two pink cups and saucers and a teapot.


Fashion Queen again in “Golden Girl” #911 1959-62 dress and fur coat. The dress was also used later in the “Evening Splendour” #961 ensemble. I am not sure what outfit this rather nice faux fur jacket belongs to.

Traditionally fashion shows end with a wedding dress so last of all here is “Wedding Day”.#972 1959 -62.  This outfit is being worn by American Girl was the first of Barbie’s wedding dresses. She’s had quite a few considering she has never been married. This outfit should have open toe white shoes, a pearl necklace, white gloves, blue garter and a bouquet to complete it. This outfit does need some repairs but is in good condition for its age. I had planned to use American Girl to model a few more outfits but it turns out that several of vintage pieces don’t fit her. She actually could not get them over her hips. This dress was a bit tight and I was only able to do up one snap but she does look pretty in it.

There are a few more pieces I haven’t shown you in this post mostly lingerie and a bathrobe as well as some Skipper outfits so we’ll do that another day. I also think it is quite likely that we’ll have a fashion show with Jan or Vivienne later. In the meantime all the vintage  models decided to swap outfits for a couple more photos.

The girls posing outside the Barbie case.


My go to site for researching these outfits is the excellent Fashion Doll Guide which provided me with photos and descriptions of all the vintage outfits. I recommend it for ID’s for dolls and outfits.

The models pose with the wardrobe.




  1. Wow what a treat to see a vintage doll fashion show. My favorite outfits are those modeled by Fashion Queen, especially Golden Girl. I love your fashion shows and am looking forward to seeing the Fashion Avenue packs you previewed. Hope you eventually create a doll museum.


    • I think our new house will look a lot like a toy museum. Golden Girl is a favourite of mine too and I’m fortunate to have two of that dress so the modern Barbies can wear it too.


  2. The bride dress looks very nice on the American Girl. It really suits her. The Fashion Queen does not look happy about being dressed up in the fancy dress outfit. Maybe she wants to wear her furs and ball gown instead. Midge looks rather bemused by the whole thing. She new she would get stuck with the checked shirt and skirt while the Barbies got all the going out clothes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Midge is used to playing second fiddle to Barbie. Maybe next time we’ll swap them around. I thought the wedding dress looked nice on American Girl too, the veil suits her hairstyle. I don’t think Fashion Queen would look happy whatever you put her in. There is a reason she’s called Fashion Queen I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

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