Fashion Doll Friday: Barbie The Look City Shine Metallic Blue 2017

I thought we’d start the new year with one of my more recent purchases. She is another of the City Shine dolls and I just recently de-boxed her. This doll continues the metallic theme with her turquoise dress and silver shoes and bag.  Like her City Shine sisters her hair is a little flat and could use some work. Her earrings look a bit odd because one fell off when I was deboxing her. Luckily I did not lose the piece. This year the City Shine girls will probably feature in some fashion posts but as yet I have not taken them out of their original outfits as I wanted to enjoy them as they are for a while.



  1. Another stunner..if I didn’t already have a dozen modern blondes I would buy this gal for her outfit alone! I have her sister the brunette pixsie with the red skirt. I call her Alice and she is a better alternative for the Cullen Twilight series, paired with Jasper. Sasha would make a wonderful Rosalie in this series though prettier than that doll. Wasn’t there an AA sister in the City shine metallic series?


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