It’s a Mod Mod Mod World

First of all Happy New Year to all. I hope you all had a fantastic Xmas and New Year celebration. Vanda and I shared a quiet Xmas and New Year but we both had a great time. You have already seen Vanda’s Xmas presents so now I would like to show you one of the things that Vanda gave me. Well I had mentioned that I liked the mod dolls and that I would like to get Stacey and guess what? She got her for me. I could hardly believe my eyes when I unwrapped her. Vanda gave me the Tutti playhouse to go with my Tutti and Buffy dolls and inside there was Stacey. So on New Years Day Vanda got out some doll’s clothes and we had some fun dressing up Stacey. I also brought with me two Francie dolls I recently bought on Ebay. The girls looked terrific dressed up and I think Stacey looks a bit like a “Bond Girl” in the black dress from the Black Basic Girls. Francie looks very Mod in the coat, short skirt, tights and boots. The second Francie looks cool too. Anyway here are some photos to kick off 2018. Watch out for the guys as they will be back soon.



  1. Maybe we should try to have a Mod fashion show every few months with the dolls we have from that era. It is fun trying to create a certain type of look for the dolls. I’m always up for anything vintage.


    • We should do something like that. We will get more mod clothing but it was interesting to go through the modern things i have to put together an outfit with a retro feel to it. I’m always up for an excuse to play dress ups!

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  2. fabulous! Love Stacie! Love Francine! Love mod! Yes Stacie could easily be a bond gal! I also think a wrap with the basic black dress and open toed shoes would be perfect for a fancy post New Years party ,fund raiser or award show. How glam she is, truly fabulous!

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