Doll Detective Mailbag: Another Unmarked Doll

Not so much a mystery doll as some we have featured, this doll is one of my own. With all the excitement of the celluloid dolls and the things that Naomi and I gave each other for Christmas and the work I’ve been doing on my house I had not got around to showing you the doll that she got for me at the big whole town garage sale in Oatlands back in October. Naomi briefly mentioned this doll in her post “An Exciting Day as a Collector”.

Doll Naomi got me in Oatlands.

Naomi thought that she was probably a doll from the 1960s and I think she is correct. Recently I took the time to clean her up and redress her and while doing that I looked for doll marks. Predictably there were none but she looks a lot like my other sixties dolls so I am guessing that she is either British or possibly an Australian Pedigree which were often unmarked.

She is about 50cm or 20 inches tall from the crown of her head to her soles and has a slim body.

Here she is after a tidy up. Her dress is a bit old and stained, It came from the Op Shop and I intend to replace it with something better later on but I think it suits her better than what she was wearing before. I do think she has very pretty hair and lovely blue eyes.

Twenty inch doll no markings.
Here she is all cleaned up.


  1. I thought she was very pretty even when I found her lying on a table with some junk and old books at the sale. I offered the woman there five bucks and took her back to the car with me. She went around the rest of the sales with me before I took her home with the promise of a better home and a new loving mummy who would fix her up. She reminds me of some of the dolls me and my friends played with in the mid sixties. She does have pretty hair and would look great in a new dress, socks and shoes.


    • After I took those photos I was moving a few dolls around and realised that a similar sized but slimmer doll was wearing a dress way too big for her while the striped dress was a bit snug in the arms. I swapped them over and both got a better fitting dress although eventually I will junk the striped one and make or buy something else. I’ll take another photo later.

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  2. I like these sweet old dolls. They seem to be slipping further and further back in time now and are not so common as they once were a hand full of years ago. Hard to believe these dolls are easily fifty years old today!


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