Fashion Doll Friday: Sindy and “Ringo” in Country Walk


Today’s Friday Girl is my childhood Sindy wearing “Country Walk” but more importantly here is our Friday Dog.  Sindy’s dog, named Ringo, was an accessory that came with the Country Walk outfit. There should also be a dog bowl and a bone.

A couple of interesting facts.

  • This outfit was not featured after the 1965 catalogue but it was known to have been made until 1969 and can be found labelled  made in England, Empire Made and Made in Hong Kong. There are two variations of the tweed skirt.
  • This is not really Sindy’s dog! Ideal’s Tammy had an identical dog with an outfit called “Walking Her Pet”. Naomi found this one on eBay listed as “Tammy’s dog”. However Tammy’s Mom does not want another dog so he became Ringo.




  1. Oh what a beautiful doll, love her gorgeous complexion and fringe, earth-tone classic outfit. Really enjoying your vintage dolls and the stories behind them.

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  2. I love that shade of hair, and the beautiful outfit complements Sindy’s hair colour. She does indeed look like she’s ready for a country walk with Ringo. Both the doll and outfit are wonderful – thank you for sharing.

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