What’s New At The Tammy House: A Dog’s Tale

Tammy’s Mom was busy in the kitchen when Tammy came in all excited.

“Mom! Can we have  a dog?” asked Tammy.

Mom, can we get a dog?

“No.” replied Mom, not looking round.


“But Mom, he’s so cute.”

“But he’s so cute!”

Mom turned round to look at the wriggling puppy in Tammy’s arms.

“You already said we’d take it didn’t you?” she asked

“You are a naughty girl.”

“You are a naughty girl”

“So can we keep him. Please?”

Mom shook her head. “We already have that strange looking dog that the Barbie’s gave Pepper; and we have the kitten. We’re not having another dog and that’s final.”

Pepper and Posin' Pepper
Pepper and Posin’ Pepper bath the dog.
“We already have that strange dog the Barbie’s gave Pepper.”

“Oh but he’ll go to the pound if we don’t take  him!” wailed Tammy

“Well you should have thought of that before .” said Mom.  “And don’t bother asking your dad. The answer is no.” Relenting a little she suggested. “Why don’t you see if your cousin Sindy can take him?”

And that’s how Sindy got a dog.

Tammy’s and now Sindy’s dog.
Sindy and “Ringo”

Footnote: At our house this ploy would have worked. All you had to do was hand mum a puppy and she was lost.



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