A Stroll Down Fashion Avenue – Episode Four – The De-boxed Edition

This is the first lot of the Fashion Avenue clothing that Naomi bought and never used. As there are several pieces we will feature them in batches. Three of the outfits in this lot I already have so rather than de-box Naomi’s outfits I have used them to show the complete outfit and my de-boxed ones on the models.

The Fashion Shoot:

Vivienne’s fashion shoot was turning into a major disaster. First two of her models called in sick with colds and now Vivienne herself had caught it. The photographer was booked and Vivienne didn’t want to cancel so she did the only thing she could think of. She called her sister Becky and asked her to take over.

“Natalie, has the clothes .” she croaked “I’ll send you my list of models to ring although it is probably going to be too short notice for most of them, just do what you can.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” Becky assured her. “Go back to bed.”

“Thanks Becky. I was worried that I’d have to call Jan and she would want to go off on safari and get grass stains all over the clothes.”

As Vivienne had feared it was almost impossible to find anyone to come at such short notice although she did manage to find some replacements for the later session. “Never mind. ” she told Natalie. “We will model the outfits ourselves.” Becky called her friend Miranda to help out and headed to the studio. “Hurry up.” said the photographer, who was not Midge by the way. Becky stayed calm and with Natalie’s help everything was soon ready.

The Showrunner:


The Models:

    • Becky – HR Manager at Cruikshank’s department store.
    • Natalie – sales assistant at Cruikshank’s
    • Miranda – Friend of Becky
    • Anna – Friend of Jan

The Fashions:

Becky was soon ready, wearing an outfit from the Blues Style series of 2001. A glittery silver top and embroidered denim skirt. As usual the shoes don’t fit Becky properly. Included in the outfit a small silver bag and sunglasses and a cardboard shopping bag.

Next is Natalie who is also wearing one of the Blues Style outfits from 2001. The outfit fits Natalie nicely except for the shoes. The older shoes tend not to fit the hard legs of the modern dolls. Surprisingly I still had all the pieces of this outfit.

Miranda comes next wearing a foreign issue Fashion Avenue outfit from 2002. These come in the less common dress shaped packaging. As the later Fashion Avenue outfits were made to fit the belly button body Miranda finds this an easy fit.

The shoot was now back on schedule thanks to Becky’s organisational skills. “Vivienne said that if we had time we could photograph two more outfits.” she told the others. (The next two outfits I did take out of their packaging as I didn’t have them already. ) While the girls went to get changed Becky decided to try on the jeans and top. They fitted her very well too.

Becky in Blues Style

Miranda modelled the next outfit, an apricot coloured party dress which is from the Sparkle & Shine series according the the packaging. The date on it is 1997.

Natalie had been preparing to model the last outfit but at that moment Anna wandered in. “I’m here for the next shoot. Sorry I’m too early aren’t I?”
“What a lovely colour!” she exclaimed looking at the outfit Natalie was holding. “May I try it on afterwards please?”
“You can try it on now if you like. ” Becky offered rightly guessing that it was just Anna’s size.

“Those boots look a bit odd with it.” Natalie commented
“Oh I like them. ” Anna replied. “I used to have a pair like this.”

Becky called the girls over to thank them for their help. They then posed for the usual photographs together.




  1. Oh, Fashion Avenue outfits are the best! Lots of play value for mixing and matching. The story was great, too – your girls have lots of personality. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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