Fashion Fever Closets Revisited: Barbie Diaries Closet


The Barbie Diaries Closet

The Barbie Diaries Closet was another of my early unplanned posts that I feel deserves a do-over. I always liked this closet even though I often feel that pink is over used in Barbie’s wardrobe. I think I like it because the pinks are a bit more delicate and I love the butterflies.

The Showrunner:

Becky – Black Basics

Becky is standing in for Vivienne today as she is at home with a bad cold. (See the previous post)

The Models:

  • Ruby – former Cruikshank’s employee
  • Sandy – Friend of Jan
  • Miranda – Friend of Becky

The Fashions:

Ruby models the butterfly print dress and jacket which are a good fit. She can wear the pink shoes but only just, the white shoes and the sunglasses are her own.

Sandy and Miranda both model the jeans from the closet with two different tops and shoes. Sandy feels that the jeans are too short and there is much muttering about “ankle freezers” . Miranda thinks they are about the right length for her. Both the girls are Swappin’ Heads Fashionistas but the lengths do look different to me too.

Next the girls model the pink skirt with the two tops.

Becky is very satisfied with the way the shoot has gone and thanks the girls for coming in at short notice. She thinks that Vivienne will be fairly happy with the job they have done.

The girls pose for the traditional photo




  1. This set has great number of options, with or without shoes. The butterfly print is a real winner, it also goes well with all those pink accessories we seem to see. Makes me wish for Spring! Great post!


  2. I want to share exciting news! I received an email from Mattel See What’s New for 2018! They have for pre-order 12″ articulated dolls of female WWE Superstars which come with 2 outfits and 2 shoes for $19.99. Doll prototypes are pretty, have rooted hair and can stand in their shoes. They look more muscular than Barbies. I’m curious how they look IRL.


      • Out of curiosity, I ordered twins Nikki and Brie Bella, because they are pretty and I didn’t like the others. I wish more dolls were sold with an extra outfit. It’s a nice change to see strong role models in these WWF stars.


      • My husband used to enjoy watching wrestling on TV so I think I have seen some of the female wrestlers. It’s not really my thing but they look like they are well made dolls so a good addition to the Barbie world. Ken had better watch out however. :-).


  3. Nice! We haven’t talked in a while, so I wanted to see how you were doing. Also, if you don’t know who I am, it’s okay, since I’ve changed names and pictures a lot. I’m Kat. Anyway, I probaly will change again, but oh well. Have a great day, mi amigo! Adiós!

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