Fashion Doll Friday – Fashion Wardrobe Barbie 1999

Today’s Friday Girl is Fashion Wardrobe Barbie 1999. This doll was issued as a gift set with spare outfits, shoes and bags but as I don’t recall ever having the outfits it is possible that I bought her loose as I did a lot of dolls back in my early collecting days.  Buying loose, nude dolls is something I still do from time to time. It is a good way to get hold of a doll that may have been too expensive new or just not available here. De-boxed dolls are a lot cheaper to ship from overseas too.

Paula has the old Twist and Turn body, I think that for most of the playline 1999 was possibly the last year they issued this body. That is except for the Dolls of the World series which still use it.

Today Paula is wearing a Fashion Avenue outfit from 1998.



  1. What pretty green eyes. Paula is a classic “Hitchcock” blond (movie director Alfred Hitchcock). I really enjoy seeing your dolls and fashions from different eras.

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